Up Yours, Downstairs!

Up Yours, Downstairs! – Double Rizzo

A very hungry Kelly & Tom welcome back guest Natasha Muse for their recap of The Crown S1E3, and they spend a lot of time complaining about how their pizza didn’t get delivered. They also come up with a hit pop single, describe the Kato Kaelin of England, go to the BroB/Gyn, CGI a mustache,…

Bald Move TV – The Young Pope – 102 – Episode 2

Two episodes in two nights, that’s the kind of papal performance you expect from a young, virile Pope. A pope with power! A.Ron has cooled a bit on the second episode, but Cecily and Jim are still picking up what The Young Pope is laying down. Will Lenny end up alienating every practicing Catholic on earth? Will the kangaroo ever have a speaking role? And how many pontiff puns can we produce, anyway? Stay tuned and find out!

Up Yours, Downstairs!

Up Yours, Downstairs! – The King’s Sassy Address To Parliament

In their recap of The Crown S1E2, Kelly & Tom cover all three dimensions. They discuss the water of sexual harassment, Britain’s difficulty with filming its colonial history, interchangeable feet, gypsy curses, and a genuinely heartbreaking moment. Kelly nearly does a spit take, Tom writes a new Cole Porter song, and everyone agrees that Victoria…

Up Yours, Downstairs!

Up Yours, Downstairs! – Take a Hit, Sugar Cookie

Kelly & Tom welcome Red Scott of Boars, Gore & Swords for their first recap of the Netflix Original The Crown. They are relieved to report it is an actual show (unlike late period Selfridge) and delighted as they witness the toff version of a company offsite, explain what Gogglebox is, rate the many portrayals of…

Watching Westworld – Season 1 Wrapup

Jim and A.Ron put season one of HBO’s Westworld in cold storage by talking about our overall thoughts, opinions, and hopes for next season. Then we consider a giant sized mailbag where we discuss scalp maps, the nature of consciousness and free will, the impact of self aware robotic hosts on fast food chains, and much more. We’ll be back whenever Westworld returns, but we never really go away. In 2017 we have an early line up including The Leftovers, Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones, among others. Hope we see you around!

Watching Dead – 708 – Hearts Still Beating

AMC’s The Walking Dead entered it’s mid-season hiatus last night with the episode, “Hearts Still Beating”, which had Jim and A.Ron asking if their hearts were still stirred by the drama on screen. Your mileage may vary, but we found it doing just enough to make up for the missteps this season, and promising just enough up tempo pacing that we’re, knock on wood, excited for it’s return in February? That maybe losing more than a 1/3rd of it’s audience in a season will scare the creative and studio types enough to stop dicking around and get serious about bringing this show to some sort of satisfying conclusion. In addition, we talk about mysterious boot person, the reunion of one of television’s most potent bromances, express concern for Maggie’s ripped uterus, and show mock concern about the show’s latest shocking death.