Bald Move TV – Sharp Objects Ep. 7 – Falling, Castle Rock

On today’s BMTV, we discuss the penultimate episode of HBO’s Sharp Objects, “Falling”, as well as our thoughts on the first six episodes of Hulu’s Castle Rock. Sharp was an especially wild hour, chock full of stomach churning child abuse and problematic sex scenes between damaged and self-destructive people, before promising a truly epic conclusion from the setup of a five way collision between Camille, Amma, Adora, Alan, and Chief Vickers. Will Detective Willis find his way into the middle of this perfect storm? 

Bald Movies – Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015)

Jim and A.Ron have seen the latest Star Wars, and declare it worthy of the name. Don’t expect Empire Strikes Back, but if you set your navicomputer expectations somewhere in Return of the Jedi’s neighborhood we think you’ll have a good time. We give about five minutes of non spoiler review up front, but then get hardcore old school Star Wars nerd talk. Meet us over in the forums if you want to talk about it!