The Game (1997)

Watch Michael Douglas get manipulated, be his classic grouchy self, and get just as confused as you are while watching this movie. Where the soundtrack doesn’t deliver, the visuals sure do. Douglas is joined by Sean Penn and directed by David Fincher, a master of thrillers. A.Ron describes this movie as a “20th century version of ‘A Christmas Carol’”. And Jim describes this movie as…well, I think you better hear it in his own words. Check out The Game!

Direct - David Fincher – House of Cards 101 & 102

We broke the rules! We’re bringing you bonus Fincher coverage from the first two episodes of House of Cards. Fincher’s ground-breaking streaming television series brings the same tension as his cinematic pursuits to the small screen. It contains many Fincher-isms, call backs to his films, and an epic foreshadowing scene. Entertaining stuff.

Direct - David Fincher – Gone Girl

Gone Girl is three movies in one. At one point, it’s a mystery. Then, it turns into a thriller. Then, a melodrama. But what really makes this movie is its masterful villain. Gone Girl has one of the best antagonists caught on film. The movie is able to take a fantastical plot and ground it in cold, comfortable, plodding dread. It is a testament to the quality that Fincher demands of his work. Bravo.

Direct - David Fincher – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a warm, fuzzy Forest-Gumpian tale of a deadbeat dad and his deadbeat dad son. Fincher’s take on this (very loose) F. Scott Fitzgerald adaptation is a departure of sorts from his thriller-tinged canon thus far. This is Fincher at his most romantic, and even still he manages to inject action, humor and slick, stylized camera work into the mix. It’s a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Direct - David Fincher – Zodiac

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Direct - David Fincher – Panic Room

Panic Room is a balanced thriller with great pacing, excellent characters, and top-notch performances. It’s a movie that puts you in a big house and makes it feel claustrophobic. Fincher continues with his “making the big feel small” theme and delivers a beautify, clippy experience. It’s a fun watch.

Direct - David Fincher – Fight Club

Fight Club. It is a big-time interesting cinematic experience that will keep your mind spinning. Fincher goes back to the mind-f*** well and this one’s a doozy. What’s real? What’s admirable? What’s B.S.? This movie could be torn apart, theorized and opined upon for hours, but we only have one. Give it a listen and give us your take.