Direct - David Fincher – Fight Club

Fight Club. It is a big-time interesting cinematic experience that will keep your mind spinning. Fincher goes back to the mind-f*** well and this one’s a doozy. What’s real? What’s admirable? What’s B.S.? This movie could be torn apart, theorized and opined upon for hours, but we only have one. Give it a listen and give us your take.

Bald Move Prestige - Fight Club (1999)

Merry Christmas to Daniel L. from Alyssa, David, and Ryan, who joined forced to commission this podcast on 1999’s “Fight Club”, directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter. Fight Club is a dark and yet at times humorous look at the savage heart of mankind, and the guys have a lot of thoughts on it’s ideas and philosophy, despite the constraints of talking about Fight Club while working within the film’s first and second rule.