American Horror Story Podcast - 405 – Pink Cupcakes

A.Ron’s in Albuquerque, Cecily’s in Cincinnati, but through the magic of the internet, the Freakshow goes on! Join us in a rollicking discussion of dicks, clits, buff Dandy’s, Mother/Daughter revenge schemes, confusing fake out flashbacks, and much more. Plus your great feedback, AND a spoiler section delving into recent Ryan Murphy interviews and speculation about next season

American Horror Story Podcast - 404 – Edward Mordrake Part Two

Happy Halloween, everybody! A.Ron and Cecily are surprisingly moved by the twisted tale of a simple, misunderstood clown. In an episode packed full of unexpected feels, we get the backstories for Paul the Illustrated Seal, Legless Suzy, Ms. Mars, our favorite mush mouth, and witness the Dandy taking the leap to star villain. All this plus gobs of your feedback.