Breaking Good – 405 – Shotgun


Welcome back! This week on the podcast we celebrate V-Day for fans of Breaking Bad as news broke over the weekend that the show has been picked up for it’s fifth and final season by AMC!  I also allude to the article I wrote last week on one way that Hank and Walt could work together.  I’ve got some really great feedback on this that I’m going to write up when we get a lull in the the weekly news.

Moving on to the recap, we discuss Aztec badassery, Walt’s good vibrations, Jesse making good use of keys, Hank getting out, right before he gets pulled back in, the Incurable Cough of Death rearing it’s ugly, tuberculous head, knocking boots at the Casablanca, Tuvok’s mastery of the forklift, the least subtle assassination attempt of all time, and Walt’s overweening arrogance.

In the spoiler section, we talk about some spoilers for next week, Mike’s fatherly ways, and what this picture of Walt Jr. implies.

We’re up to 72 iTunes reviews, or almost three quarters of the way to the century mark, only five episodes in!  You guys are incredible, and we remain very pumped and grateful for your support.  We love getting your thoughts, speculation, and/or feedback, so keep emailing it to us,  or share it with us on Twitter or Facebook.  We’ll use as much as time permits on the air.  This week’s contest is who can come up with the best name for Jesse’s band?  Make us laugh, and win a Breaking Bad poster. Simple!  Keep checking right here for your daily news recap, and check out Twitter where Jim holds it down all day every day.  Next week’s “Corner” looks like another tense one, see you back then!

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