303 – Crazy Whitefella Thinking

?The Leftovers? decides to see what Kevin Sr. has been up to in Australia all this time in the latest episode, “Crazy Whitefella Thinking”. Seems he’s not as keen on the Gospel of Kevin as you’d think he’d be. It’s clear that we’re on course for an epic collision as the various Garveys, Dursts, and Jamison’s start to converge. What flavor of Armageddon do you want? Hell fire or flood?

303 – Sunk Costs

“Sunk Costs” is able to perfectly balance the tension in the dueling Mike/Jimmy story lines being juggled on AMC’s Better Call Saul, with clear stakes for both our protagonists as they form powerful alliances and prepare to do battle with worthy foes. Mike’s machinations against Hector offer the most visceral thrills, but Jimmy’s legal battle against his brother promises the most twists and turns. Will Jimmy’s legal license survive? Will his relationship with Kim weather this latest storm?

303 – Flipping the Switch

Tear up your daily itinerary because Jim & Eric are back to cover the latest episode of Halt and Catch Fire. We discuss the latest versions of Joe and Cameron, the increasingly problematic situations inside Mutiny and the Clark house, and top it off with a good dose of Matthew Lillard love. Come relive your high-powered cocaine-fueled glory days with us.

303 – “Good and Evil Braided Be”

Cecily and A.Ron are very impressed with the latest episode of Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, “Good and Evil Braided Be”. Full of intra-vampiral intrigue, our favorite werewolf being possibly bewitched by Hecate (with the good hair), surprising revelations and connections to characters and their histories, and an intriguing — and bloody — proto-feminist plot for world dominance, there’s a lot to like and talk about. Join us for a discussion of the episode with a little help from feedback from our fellow fans!

303 – “Open House”

This podcast was like pulling teeth. Wakka wakka wakka! In this episode, discussing “The Americans” episode 303, “Open House”, we cover intriguing new theories about Paige, Clark and Martha as foster parents, Henry’s general outlaw/perv nature, and the most suspenseful, low speed car chase ever committed to film. All this plus feedback for your weekend enjoyment!