Bad News

Some bad news everybody.  After much thought and deliberation, Jim and I have decided to cancel Everybody Loves Reagan.  There are a lot of reasons, which we talk about on this podcast, none of which individually would be fatal, but taken all together we think it’s the best thing to do.   It’s not a good feeling…

Everybody Loves Reagan - 304 – “Dimebag”

On this week’s The Americans on FX, episode 304, “Dimebag”, things get pretty gross.  Phillip wrestles with recruiting an underage daughter of a CIA official, Elizabeth throws down the guantlet on Page and then Jesus Christ our Lord Himself, Stan learns how to get in touch with his boring-ass inner self, and Nina find intrigue in track suit prison.  Ah, The Americans:  If stuffing a woman into a suitcase and pulling teeth on screen won’t “nope” you out, how about child predation?  All this and some feedback that has the guys rethinking things.  Have a great weekend!