Up Yours, Downstairs! – The Golly Gumdrops Hour With Kelly And Tom

Up Yours, Downstairs!

Kelly and Tom celebrate the penultimate episode of Downton Abbey with an extra-long discussion of S6E8. They pine for an Edith: Pig in the City spinoff, shoutout Branson's monkey nephew, lament the lost potential of Charles Blake, reveal a surprise Gibson Girl winner, decide that Mary's bitchery is the real turn-up, wonder about Hitler hipsters, debate the best way to Cruikshank, promise to watch Room 237 again, deride Thomas' gay bathtub of despair, and remember the foxes of yesteryear. Kelly tries to explain the origins of commercial air travel, Tom requires zero notes or research to cover the English Civil War, and everyone wants you to pay dues to the International Brotherhood of Spouses of Kelly.

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