Bald Move Pulp - Hotel Artemis (2018)

The Artemis was built on rules. Tonight they’re getting broken. Jim and A.Ron dive into the overlooked 2018 action/sci-fi thriller at the recommendation of their producer Talitha. The three of them will discuss the highs and lows of this hidden gem. Between the star-studded cast, amazing design, and tight script, there’s a whole underworld to uncover behind the doors of The Artemis.


LWJ&A – Episode 406 – The Talitha Episode

Lunchtime! Since Jim is recovering, Bald Move’s very own producer Talitha steps in to co-host. No longer just a disembodied voice, Talitha and A.Ron will answer your burning questions about which actor they’d commit to watching forever, the best parts about working with Bald Move, and how big of a diva that Rancor was. Catch this behind the scenes look at your favorite podcast network.

Barbie (2023)

Do you ever think about death? Barbie does too! Stereotypical Barbie is having problems; her feet are flat, her imaginary water is cold, and she’s having an existential crisis. (#justgirlythings) Joining A.Ron on this pod is Bald Move’s very own producer, Talitha. Between the laugh out loud jokes and groovy outfits, the movie makes space to discuss feminism, identity, and patriarchy. Find out how Greta Gerwig weaves together the philosophy and comedy in Bald Move’s coverage of Barbie! It’s sublime.