Bald Movies – The Conjuring 2

A.Ron and Jim saw The Conjuring 2 tonight, and thought it had some solid thrills and chills. We give our overall impressions and review up front, then discuss the many new trailers we saw before the film, before finally getting down and dirty in a no holds barred spoiler section. You’ll have to be a Club Bald Move Member to get that part though, but for everyone else, enjoy the free review and trailer discussion!


Bald Movies – X-Men: Apocalypse

It’s that time again, time for Jim and A.Ron to review the latest comic book movie! This up is Bryan Singer’s latest; X-Men Apocalypse. The big problem with this film is that it’s just an okay comic book film, and we just don’t think that’s good enough in a world where there’s six multi-million dollar comic boom films per year, especially in a year with Deadpool and Captain America 3. Your mileage may vary, depending on how big a comic book fan you are, in particular how big of an X-Men fan you are. If you want to hear our review and discussion of upcoming films, please enjoy the free podcast, but if you want to hear our detailed spoiler thoughts on the highs and lows of X-Men, you’ll have to be a Club Bald Move member.


Bald Movies – Donnie Darko (2001) – Commissioned Podcast

Special thanks to Dr. Brandon Devito for once again commissioning another great movie for us to gab about, this time the amazingly deep 2001 sci-fi/noodle bender, “Donnie Darko”. Or… is it that deep? Maybe it really is just totally straightforward, but so batcrap crazy you’re just not prepared to deal with it’s frankness? In this podcast, we sort the Manipulated Dead from the Manipulated Living, as we try to get the Artifact back to the Tangent Universe before it’s too late. We think.


Direct – Guillermo del Toro – Epilogue

Welp, we watched all of Guillermo del Toro’s movies. We saw a ton of awesome creatures, Gothic horrors, clockwork automatons, and bugs… lots of bugs. It was a fun ride, and we thank you for joining us on it! And! It’s now time to vote on the next ‘Direct’ director. We have three top-notch helmers…


Bald Movies – The Goonies (1985) – Commissioned Podcast

Special thanks to Fernando Rodriguez, who commissioned the 1985 classic kid’s adventure movie, “The Goonies”. Directed by Richard Donner with a script by Chris Columbus, this movie really brings us back to our child hood days, which leads to us spending time fondly reminiscing about the film and growing up, and of course obsessively picking nits and busting “The Goonies” balls. Which of course, is our mothers’ favorite part. Stay tuned til the end as we invite a surprise guest to give their opinions as well!


Direct – Guillermo del Toro – Crimson Peak

Guillermo del Toro’s most recent film is a deep, creepy, personal story with ghosts in it. With excellent performances from top actors, strong metaphorical overtones, and face stabs, this film may be best viewed in context to his previous movies. Eric and Levi had differing opionions on the film, but could agree on one thing—it…


Direct – Guillermo del Toro – Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is a stupid fun action flick with big monsters punching big robots in their big faces. It’s a fun, if inconsistent ride through a detailed and expansive mythos. What it lacks in story, character, and (sometimes) logic, it makes up for in PUNCHING MONSTERS IN THE  FACE!!!* Monster + Punch…


Bald Movies – Captain America: Civil War

Jim and A.Ron have seen Captain America: Civil War, and they really, really liked what they saw. It was fun, weighty, maybe a bit long with the usual seeming plot holes (which comic fans can probably fill), but nothing that comes close to threatening to stop the runaway hype train that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We give you a fairly detailed non-spoiler review, before considering the many highly entertaining trailers that ran up front, and then finally, getting around to our no holds barred spoiler section. You’ll have to be a Club member to get the spoiler take, and read on to find out how you can sign up!


Bald Movies – Grosse Pointe Blank

Dr. Brandon Devito has commissioned us to watch the 1997 comedy/thriller mashup, “Grosse Pointe Blank”, starring John Cusack and Minnie Driver. It tells the tale of a hitman with a troubled conscience, or maybe just a feeling of ennui that has him returning to his home town for his tenth high school reunion and coincidentally reuniting with his old sweetheart. The action is surprisingly great, the sound track is fantastic, the fashion is decidedly 90’s, and the tone is quirky and all over the place, but it only hit one of us in just the right place.