Direct – David Fincher – Zodiac

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Direct – David Fincher – Panic Room

Panic Room is a balanced thriller with great pacing, excellent characters, and top-notch performances. It’s a movie that puts you in a big house and makes it feel claustrophobic. Fincher continues with his “making the big feel small” theme and delivers a beautify, clippy experience. It’s a fun watch. Join us next week for Zodiac.…


Bald Movies – Suicide Squad (2016)

Jim and A.Ron saw the latest installment of DC’s attempt at bootstrapping a mega-billions interconnected super hero franchise, “Suicide Squad”. As an answer to question of who you gonna call when an Evil Superman ever comes calling, we don’t think it makes much sense, but we’re a bit more divided on the questions of “is it fun?” and “is it entertaining?”


Direct – David Fincher – Fight Club

Fight Club. It is a big-time interesting cinematic experience that will keep your mind spinning. Fincher goes back to the mind-f*** well and this one’s a doozy. What’s real? What’s admirable? What’s B.S.? This movie could be torn apart, theorized and opined upon for hours, but we only have one. Give it a listen and…


Bald Movies – Jason Bourne

Jim and A.Ron have seen the latest film in Matt Damon’s action spy thriller franchise, Jason Bourne, and find it reasonably Bourney, but missing a lot of the improvisational, desperate charm of the earlier installments, and missing a lot of its heart. Please enjoy our spoiler free review of the movie and discussion of the trailers we saw for upcoming fall releases, but if you want to hear our detailed spoiler-filled take on the movie, you’ll have to be a Club Bald Move Member!


Direct – David Fincher – The Game

The Game is a twisty-turney, paranoid ride through a Wonderland world. Trust no one. Ultimately the film is undoubtedly entertaining, and undoubtedly Fincher, but how do the pieces ultimately come together? Is this a game for the ages, or a contest to forget? Probably somewhere in the middle. Join use next week for Fight Club.…


Bald Movies – Star Trek Beyond

Jim’s on vacation, so filling in his spot is Cecily, A.Ron’s co-host on the American Horror Story Podcast, True Blood Authority, Penny Earful, and life. A.Ron approaches the film from the perspective of a life long Trek fan, Cecily approaches it more from the casual fan perspective, but both are in agreement that this installment of Trek can best be described as “mediocre”.


Direct – David Fincher – Se7en

Se7en is a psychological thriller that grabs from the get-go and doesn’t let go. It’s so affecting, so dark, so gruesome and extreme that the film may make you see things that aren’t even there. With excellent performances, a rock-solid script and masterful direction, Se7en is as engrossing a movie today as it was twenty years…


Bald Movies – Ghostbusters (2016)

A.Ron and Jim review the disgusting, ill-conceived, disgraceful actually quite delightful addition to the Ghostbusters franchise featuring a cast of stellar funny women in Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Melissa McCarthy. The movie delivered solid action and laughs, a few gut busters, inspired performances by a lot of cameo actors who are clearly having a great time, and the correct and satisfying amount of respect and homages to the classic cast, including several nods to the late great Harold Ramis. So, to the dudes that hated on this film from the jump for no other reason than the fact that women had the temerity to re-make it, I got two words for you: Suck it!