American Horror Story Podcast – 509 – She Wants Revenge

Cecily and A.Ron chart the increasingly unstable Countess’s plot for vengeance against all and sundry in this week’s American Horror Story, “She Wants Revenge”. We discuss Liz’s flow-warrrssss, Donnovan’s double (triple?) crosses, and the return of the un-vaccinated glampire children. All this plus a bit o’ the old feedbag, and we’ll see you next week for “She Gets Revenge”.

American Horror Story Podcast – 508 – The Ten Commandments Killer

A.Ron and Cecily unpack the shocking revelation from this week’s American Horror Story: Hotel, “The Ten Commandments Killer”; Cecily doesn’t actually know the Ten Commandments! All kidding aside, other than the fact that we’ve seen this revelation coming, it was a perfectly fine episode of American Horror Story. Although I guess it does kind of re-contextualize Sally. And the “adultery” couple switching hotels kinda came out of no where. Never fear, we’re not above resorting to multi-verse theory to explain away any troublesome retconning or rewriting Murphy has to do to bring this beast on final approach and landing. All that, our ongoing love fest for Dennis O’Hare, and a pretty healthy mailbag, and lots of opinionated opinions coming your way!

American Horror Story Podcast – 505 – Room Service

A.Ron and Cecily dive into the latest episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, “Room Service”, in which we get a lot of terrible Alex, a sermon on the dangers of not vaccinating our children, some fabulous Liz Taylor Russell Edgington, and what is perhaps the finest comeuppance in television history when Iris finally snaps on some loathsome human garbage. Plus, John discovers reporting a campy Halloween cult is the quickest way to get fired as LAPD, and there’s a pack of pre-teen glampires prowling the streets of LA. That can’t be good. All this, your feedback, and plenty of host on host snark.

American Horror Story Podcast – 503 – Mommy

Episode 503 of American Horror Story: Hotel, entitled “Mommy”, was an interesting, creepy, and entertaining installment where we finally started clicking with the setting and characters, although we think we’re done with Alex at this point. Maybe Holden will bite her, know knows. Other topics include; the utter awe we have for Ramona Royale, Gaga’s pan-sexual seduction skills, A.Ron’s mommy issues, and lots of your great feedback. See you next week!

American Horror Story Podcast – 501 – Checking In

First off, I apologize for the terrible audio quality of this podcast. As I explain in the intro, I’m doing a remote podcast from Seattle and the results are kind of garbage. Speaking of garbage, that’s kind of my opinion of the first half of the season premiere episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, “Checking In”. Then it starts to do some character and world building in the second half and picks up. We discuss Glampires, my thoughts on a man being sodomized with a chrome plated drill bit, Gaga’s eyebrows, and much more. With a bit of feedback, and a bit of spoilers at the very tail end. Hope you manage to enjoy it despite the crap sound, we’ll be back to normal next week!