504 – Devil’s Night

Happy Halloween everybody! On a super spooky “Devil’s Night” podcast, Cecily and A.Ron think that episode 504 of American Horror Story: Hotel was a sound concept that fell flat for us for numerous reasons. We give our opinions on the glorification serial killers, judge the neglect level of all parents in the episode, are sick and tired of newly glampired Alex, sing Liz Taylor’s praises, and enjoy a bit of early morning White Russian buzz. All this plus some feedback from our astonishingly well informed and prescient listeners. See you next week!

503 – Mommy

Episode 503 of American Horror Story: Hotel, entitled “Mommy”, was an interesting, creepy, and entertaining installment where we finally started clicking with the setting and characters, although we think we’re done with Alex at this point. Maybe Holden will bite her, know knows. Other topics include; the utter awe we have for Ramona Royale, Gaga’s pan-sexual seduction skills, A.Ron’s mommy issues, and lots of your great feedback. See you next week!

504 – Sons of the Harpy

We’re here not to mourn the potential dead, but to recap episode 504 of HBO’s Game of Thrones television series, entitled “Sons of the Harpy”. Okay, okay, we’re also doing a bit of pre-mourning, too…
We discuss the final scene and the potential damage it does to the Unsullied’s fighting reputation, what to make of all the Rhaegar talk going on, the Faith Militant’s rampage, the further adventures of Jaime and Bronn, as well as the promising beginnings of the Tyrion and Jorah traveling road show. All this, tons of feedback, and don’t forget, more to come. That’s right, we’ll have a full featured SpoiLORE podcast out on Friday to discuss the latest theories and speculation from a book reader perspective. See you then!

503 – High Sparrow

Jim and A.Ron consider the latest episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “High Sparrow”… We discuss our thoughts on the titular “High Sparrow”, Janos Slynt getting his comeuppance, some fun easter eggs sprinkled throughout the production, the mysterious goings on at The House of Black and White, Littlefinger’s scheme involving wedding poor Sansa to yet another mortal enemy, and much more. All this and tons of your feedback. Don’t forget, the SpoiLORE cast comes out Friday, so it’s not too late to get those bookish takes and theories in!