512 – Be Our Guest

Cecily and A.Ron say goodbye to the “Hotel” era of “American Horror Story” as we cover the finale episode number 512, “Be Our Guest”. Lots of questions get answered, lots more get swept by the wayside, but overall we were surprised and impressed with the amount of emotion and heart Murphy and Company brought to the proceedings.

512 – “Remember”

Jim and A.Ron are digging the promise of a new direction in episode 512 of The Walking Dead, entitled “Remember”… In this podcast we discuss Stealth Possum, the underwhelming cold rolled steel fences of Alexandria, Undercover Carol, stupid teenager plots, ROTC-candy @$$es, and feral Daryl’s difficulty in fitting in. All this plus your great feedback AND a extra sized spoiler edition.

512 – Rabid Dog

This episode, 512 entitle “Rabid Dog” turned out to be a bit of a breather, especially compared with the previous 3 of this final season. Not a bad thing, or our hearts would explode before the end. Still lots and lots to talk about, including hitting Walt where he “really” lives, the sour turn Skyler, Marie, and Hank seemed to take this week, the continued heart break of poor Walt Jr, Aaron Paul and Dean Norris’s continued excellence, Babylon 5, Walt’s room clearing ability, and much more. All this, your awesome feedback and analysis, as well as a bit of spoiler discussion after the protective wall of music! Hope you enjoy!