American Horror Story Podcast - 501 – Checking In

First off, I apologize for the terrible audio quality of this podcast. As I explain in the intro, I’m doing a remote podcast from Seattle and the results are kind of garbage. Speaking of garbage, that’s kind of my opinion of the first half of the season premiere episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, “Checking In”. Then it starts to do some character and world building in the second half and picks up. We discuss Glampires, my thoughts on a man being sodomized with a chrome plated drill bit, Gaga’s eyebrows, and much more. With a bit of feedback, and a bit of spoilers at the very tail end. Hope you manage to enjoy it despite the crap sound, we’ll be back to normal next week!

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - 501 – The Wars to Come – SpoiLORE Edition

This podcast contains spoilers for the A Song of Ice and Fire series by G.R.R. Martin, as well as potential future events for HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series. This week A.Ron discusses feedback from other book readers and adventurous television watchers, then lays out Part 1 of the latest tinfoil theory “The Mummer’s Dragons”, which will conclude next week.

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - 501 – The Wars to Come

Game of Thrones got of to a fantastic start to season five with episode 501, “The Wars to Come”… We discuss male member evasions, what the heck is going on with Missandei and Grey Worm, debate the Westerosi (and Essosian?) politics of foreign wars and cultural tolerance, ponder where Sansa, Jaime, and Brienne are all going, Cersei’s prophecy, and the part Tyrion has to play in “The Wars to Come”. This, as well as your feedback, and some debate on fandom’s approach to deviations from accepted canon as well as the ethics and wisdom of binging on leaked episodes. All this and more, enjoy!

Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 501 – “No Sanctuary”

Episode 501 of The Walking Dead, “No Sanctuary” got the season off to a great start.  Lots of action, lots of zombies, reasonably intelligent survivor decision making processes, the Ricktatorship being usurped by the Glennocracy before ultimately and rightfully bowing down before the Caroligarchy.  All this, tons of listener feedback right out the gate, and our spoiler…

Breaking Good - 501 – Live Free or Die

So this is kind of awkward. Months of waiting, weeks of intense anticipation, days of breathless excitement, and then the premier came, and it was kind of just… okay? Okay on the Breaking Bad scale happens to put it better than just about any show on the air, but still. What did we like? What didn’t we like? What did we learn, and what new questions were raised? And what did you, the fellow Breaking Bad fan have to say? This one was long, as we had a shocking amount of email to plow through, but we hope it was worth it, and look forward to seeing how this fascinating show manages to work its way through it’s fifth and final season.