Following The Leftovers – 203 – Off Ramp

Who was ready for a solid hour of Laurie Garvey and her dopey son Tommy before around 9:12pm Sunday night? We certainly weren’t. But wouldn’t you know, The Leftovers found a way to make these two hard to love characters who we didn’t feel particularly invested in almost instantly compelling. We discuss the insight the episode has into ex-cult relationships, Meg’s new found power in the Guilty Remnant, and discuss the Tommy/Lil’ Wayne situation. Is he for real? If he’s not, does he think he is? Will it matter? All this plus we get a truly shocking and revolting reveal into the dark heart of humanity straight from a fellow listener in the feedback section. Can’t wait for next week! See you then…

Following The Leftovers – 202 – A Matter of Geography

In this podcast, covering HBO’s “The Leftovers” episode 202, “A Matter of Geography”, we get to see what the Garveys were up to while the Murpheys were burning houses down, praying with old people, and running naked through the woods… Discussion points include; is Kevin crazy, why is Kevin Sr. “moving” to Australia, will Nora find safety in Jardin, can Holy Wayne’s baby take the poison out of pie, and is Miracle really Auschwitz? All this plus your thoughts and feedback!

Following The Leftovers – 201 – “Axis Mundi”

We’ve got our bags backed and we’ve boarded the green park service buses en route to Jarden, Texas, to take in the sights of the season two premiere of “The Leftoves”, “Axis Mundi”. Pre-historic births, John C. Riley camping on a column, the slaughter of goats, bird resurrection, firemen burning down houses, shocking “Perfect Stranger” and “Family Matters” tie ins… this episode met and exceeded our weirdness expectations and left us wanting more. And it wouldn’t be a “The Leftovers” podcast with out some bark at the moon crazy theories and speculation, some from us, some from you the fellow fan. Please, enjoy!

Following The Leftovers – Following The Leftovers – Season 2 Preview

Jim and A.Ron look forward to checking in on the Garvey’s and meeting the Murphy’s in season two of The Leftovers, returning to your television this Sunday on HBO at 9pm. We’re pumped up due to Alan Sepinwall’s recent review and interview of show runner Damon Lindelof, so there is a ton to talk about.  The mysteries of Jarden, Texas, the differing points of view featured this season, and what the heck is going on down in Australia?  We don’t have a lot of answers, and Lindelof says he doesn’t either, but at least we’ll all have fun watching.  Er, I mean, at least we’ll all sob our selves to sleep after watching.