Following The Leftovers – 210 – “I Live Here Now”

You know, I can’t really adequately sum up in this one little text box how we all feel about this season of The Leftovers, and at this point, you already know if you’re going to listen or not, yeah? You got two hours of hardcore The Leftovers talk coming your way from two dudes who are saying this is the best season of television they’ve ever personally ever seen, so how about we cut to the chase and just push “play?”

Following The Leftovers – 209 – Ten Thirteen

Jim and A.Ron were blown away by the twist at the end of The Leftovers episode “Ten Thirteen”, which we probably should have seen coming. Kind of amazing that you can pull something like that off with millions of people obsessing and collaborating over the internet, but welcome to The Leftovers! We do a deep dive on Meg and her motivations and her spin on the Guilty Remnant, her epic show down with Matt, what is going on in Tommy’s head, what’s she using plastic explosives for, tons of listener feedback, and speculate on just where are we heading towards in what will no doubt be an epic screwjob of a season finale next week. We can’t wait!

Following The Leftovers – 208 – International Assassin

Jim and A.Ron try not to drink the water while recapping the dreamy/supernatural events of The Leftovers episode 208, “International Assassin”, because we do not want to forget a thing… We discuss our core beliefs of this episode, and where we fall on the “is it real?” or “is it a dream?” spectrum, and the answers may surprise you. We then discuss birds, Windex, Neosporin, the many faces of Patti, inexpensive knock off bourbons, and some shocking real life Jeopardy coincidences. All this, tons of feedback, and a burning need to see next week’s episode, like, yesterday, and it’s all coming at you. See you next week!

Following The Leftovers – 207 – A Most Powerful Adversary

Another Sunday, another mind blowing episode of television, as The Leftovers introduces “A Most Powerful Adversary”. We talk about the journey Kevin embarks upon this episode, how we feel about Nora’s abandonment and Jill’s return to last season’s form, Inferno connections, and much more. All this and a ton of feedback… the wait for Sunday is going to be painful

Following The Leftovers – 206 – Lens

A.Ron and Jim have another insanely great experience in the insane world of “The Leftovers”, this one revolving around episode 206, “Lens”. We discuss the intense stare down between Nora and Erica, rocks thrown in glass houses, the mysteries that were revealed even as new ones are raised, subtle hints about the fate of the girls as revealed by the SDS’s questionnaire, a bunch of religious theories, Kevin’s confession, and much more, plus, tons of really great takes and feedback from our fellow fans. Also, we— wait, is that an eyelash on your cheek?

Following The Leftovers – 205 – “No Room at the Inn”

Jim and A.Ron are once again blown away by an episode of The Leftovers, “No Room at the Inn”. Such a contradiction contained in one man, Matt Jamison; the strength, power, self-sacrifice and courage of his convictions, who lovingly and painstakingly cares for his comatose wife, who also is capable of lashing out at complete strangers and… raping his comatose wife?! A lot of dark possibilities in this story line that is nevertheless touching and even heartbreaking at turns.

Following The Leftovers – 204 – “Orange Sticker”

Jim and A.Ron enjoy the tiny breather of an episode that is “Orange Sticker”. You can’t expect a show to go full throttle crazy times all season long, so we get to see The Leftovers get their characters setup for the inevitable next stomach punch.  We discuss Nora’s denial, if Kevin really wants to die, if Jill is sleep walking, a ton of biblical references surrounding Babylon, and we top things off with a generous helping of feedback. See you next week!

Following The Leftovers – 203 – Off Ramp

Who was ready for a solid hour of Laurie Garvey and her dopey son Tommy before around 9:12pm Sunday night? We certainly weren’t. But wouldn’t you know, The Leftovers found a way to make these two hard to love characters who we didn’t feel particularly invested in almost instantly compelling. We discuss the insight the episode has into ex-cult relationships, Meg’s new found power in the Guilty Remnant, and discuss the Tommy/Lil’ Wayne situation. Is he for real? If he’s not, does he think he is? Will it matter? All this plus we get a truly shocking and revolting reveal into the dark heart of humanity straight from a fellow listener in the feedback section. Can’t wait for next week! See you then…