515 – Granite State – Instant Take

We had a lot to say about this episode, without talking about the actual episode. Is that weird? It’s just all our thoughts and feelings about this season, and where it’s going, and whether we feel good about it or not. It’s a weird “instant cast” for a weird, slower paced, brutal penultimate episode. I think my last hopes for even a modicum of happy ending died tonight. Can’t wait to see what everybody else thought!

513 – To’hajiilee – Instant Take

While quite a few people got some of the broad strokes right, again, Vince Gilligan and crew made sure that we were all left guessing and trying to puzzle out where we were going until The End… and what an end it was. Jim and A.Ron struggle to put their thoughts into words as we deliver a instant take where we try to make sense of how we got here, what we thought of it, and where we’re left. Join us for our full coverage Tuesday night!

511 – Confessions – Instant Take

Did we just watch one of the best hours of television, or The Best Ever? Jim and A.Ron debate that point as they struggle to process the absolutely incredible hour of television that was Breaking Bad episode 511, “Confessions”. All the pieces were there the whole time, hidden in plain sight. But no one saw Walt’s “confession” and the impact it would have. No one forsaw the consequences of a single boosted bag of weed. And what else is lurking out there, in two flash forwards and an enigmatic scene between Meth Damon and his Uncles of Anarchy? I sure as hell don’t know, but can’t wait to find out!

509 – Blood Money – Instant Take

This episode was nothing like what I expected and everything I was secretly hoping for. And because of 229 generous souls who backed our Kickstarter project, we’ll be doing one of these bonus “Instant Take” podcasts after EVERY episode!

Tune in to find out Jim and A.Ron’s reactions, reviews, and off the cuff predictions and analysis. And be sure to check back Tuesday evening for our full, in-depth coverage of Breaking Bad. If tonight is any indication, we’re in for a wild ride.