511 – Battle Royale

A.Ron and Cecily take in the penultimate episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, and it’s pretty good! Sure, there are some muddy character beats, and daffy concepts of glampire physiology, but that ain’t anything new. On the other hand, we got Iris building Donnovan sand castles in the sky, Liz drawwwwingggg out allllll of thing thiiiiings, Ramona chewing on the scenery and our favorite voodoo priestess, Queenie, and much more. All this, some stellar feedback, and an epic Ode to the Countess! See you next week for the finale!

511 – “The Distance”

Welcome to our coverage of The Walking Dead episode 511, “The Distance”. A fine episode, most exciting due to the fact that we arrive at an intriguing new location with the hope of intriguing new characters, heroes, and villains to get to know and new situations and scenarios to explore. But, much like a darkened route 23 at night, we hit a few bumps on the way. Applesauce, broken ankles, a recalcitrant Rick, a zero turning radius RV, and broken shell acorn paste. Alls well that ends well, and five seasons in, we are once again stoked for the potential of The Walking Dead again. Lord, what fools these podcasters be.

511 – Confessions

Jim and A.Ron celebrate one of the greatest episodes in Breaking Bad / Television history! By anyone’s estimate, episode 511, “Confessions”, was tense, gripping, and incredibly satisfying to watch. We can’t disagree.

Join us for an indepth discussion of manipulation, frozen firearms, creepy manhugs, Aaron Paul’s subtler moments, Hank trapped in a jar, and much, much more. All this, and our all-star listener feedback and voicemails, as well as our spoiler section, safely ensconced behind a wall of protective outro music.

511 – Confessions – Instant Take

Did we just watch one of the best hours of television, or The Best Ever? Jim and A.Ron debate that point as they struggle to process the absolutely incredible hour of television that was Breaking Bad episode 511, “Confessions”. All the pieces were there the whole time, hidden in plain sight. But no one saw Walt’s “confession” and the impact it would have. No one forsaw the consequences of a single boosted bag of weed. And what else is lurking out there, in two flash forwards and an enigmatic scene between Meth Damon and his Uncles of Anarchy? I sure as hell don’t know, but can’t wait to find out!