Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 513 – “Forget”

The Walking Dead is on something of a roll with episode 513, entitled “Forget”. Jim and A.Ron continue to be entertained as our group of borderline psychopaths try to integrate into civil society, with sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrific consequences. This episode we discuss serious spaghetti, Carol putting the fear of Carol into poor Sam, Rick’s hungry eyes, being bored to tears with Jesse’s post-apocalyptic life speech, Abraham’s life, and Michonne hanging up the old katana among many other topics. All this, a mind bending amount of feedback, and a lively spoiler section await behind the cold rolled bars of our theme music.

Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 513 – “Forget” – Instant Take

Things got crazy in this episode 513 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, “Forget”. And by things we mean Sasha and Carol and by crazy be mean full on, house screaming, child scarring insane. In a good, and fun kind of way, of course. We talk about Rick’s half measures kiss, Daryl the Horse Whisperer, Aron the Daryl Whisperer, and the surprising lack of Trumpface drama in the episode. Can’t wait to hear what you all thought of it. See you back Tuesday!

Breaking Good - 513 – To’hajiilee

Hello and welcome to the back half of the final season of Breaking Bad. This week we discuss “To’hajiilee”, where Jesse hits Walt where he really lives, out in the deep desert, with eight figures buried just under foot. Join Jim and A.Ron as they discuss Huell’s waffles, Saul’s fifty, Hank’s gambit, Walt’s surrender, Todd’s creep, snot-yellow meth, neo-nazi marksmanship, and Hank’s fleeting moment of triumph. All this, your feedback, and a bit of the old spoiler action in our proprietary spoiler section at the end of the cast.