Growth Decay Transformation - S02E13 – “Truth or Consequences”

What makes for a satisfying ending? In “ABQ” we meet Mike Ehrmentraut when he gets a devastated Jesse prepared to call in Jane’s death, Walt gets his tumor removed before Skyler confronts him and asks him to leave, and Donald mourns the loss of his daughter before we see where all of those black and white teasers were heading when Wayfarer 515 crashes above the White household. The finale works as a conclusion that ties up so much of what the season has asked us to think about while setting things up for the future. The satisfaction it provides feels like a reward for paying attention. 

Foundation - S02E03 – King and Commoner

It’s hard to tell what is real and what is an elaborate hologram. What is going on with Hari Seldon? First he’s not leaving footprints (very cool effects), and later found unconscious. And we have a reunion that isn’t as joyous as one might think. But reality is hard to trust here. Listen to the podcast, this is what the Prime Radiant requires.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - S02E08 – Under the Cloak of War

It is a right of passage for each sci-fi series to do a “war” episode. Ortegas is not happy about the ship’s new guest, the guest being the Klingon war criminal Rah. Known as the “Butcher”, Rah’s presence on the Enterprise triggers PTSD in Dr. M’Benga. Get to know more of M’Benga’s backstory in this excellently written episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - S02E07 – Those Old Scientists 

It’s the Star Trek: Lower Decks crossover that we needed! After a selfie activates a portal, Boimler and Mariner find themselves on the Enterprise. There’s been a lot of time travel in ST: SNW, so everyone should know the rules, right? Well, the USS Cerritos crew members are having trouble keeping “future-stuff” to themselves. Put a little madcap in your Star Trek with this episode!

Growth Decay Transformation - S02E12 – “Daddy did That”

Are there any episodes that you dread rewatching? Your hosts break down one of the most heartbreaking episodes in the whole series, “Phoenix.” Walt makes the deal at the cost of missing Holly’s birth, is deeply offended by the concept of charity, gets blackmailed by Jane, has a highly coincidental meeting at a bar, and then watches Jane die. Y’know, a typical week in the life of a meth kingpin. But how responsible is Walt for Jane’s death? Is it really Jesse’s fault that Walt misses Holly’s birth? Why do Walt and Donald “other” Jesse’s “little junkie girlfriend” and Jane’s “scumbag” boyfriend, respectively? Join Pete and Courtney as they unpack the penultimate episode of season 2.

Foundation - S02E02 – A Glimpse of Darkness

Are you someone who’s read the books, and yet you’re still confused? Don’t worry, you’re in good company. Get the breakdown that you need from Jim and A.Ron as they discuss the rebrand of the Foundation. The Empire is in decline. The Foundation has taken on the role of a religion. What do the beautiful blue eyes mean? Are we going to see a Tywin-like play for the throne?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - S02E06 – Lost in Translation

Uhura encounters a mysterious message. She is soon haunted by zombies and nightmares. Kirk and Spock finally meet. And turns out you can sift through someone’s personal logs whenever you want…so long as they’re dead. With the looming threat of space madness, the crew may be dealing with a menace they don’t understand. Listen to the episode, you space hippie!

Growth Decay Transformation - S02E11 – “I Know a Guy”

If you find Skyler singing “Happy Birthday” cringey, you’re in good company. While it may be a scene that even made the crew feel uncomfortable, it’s an important one that gives clarity to Skyler’s choices. Speaking of fateful decisions, this is an episode teeming with them. Join hosts Courtney and Pete as they discuss Jesse’s downward spiral, Jane’s decision to join him there, and Walt’s first meeting with “the guy” (who knows another guy who apparently knows Saul). So put on your best corporate smile, grab a soda, and join your hosts as they ponder just how alike Walt and Gus are.