The Last of Us - S01E02 – Infected

Only two episodes in and the show is capturing the soul of the game in the action, the frightening zombies, and the tense emotional moments that build the characters. Joel, Ellie, and Tess pick their way through Boston, not a creme doughnut in sight, and face off against some savage clickers. Sacrifices must be made in order to survive.

The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - The White Lotus – S02E02- Italian Dream

David and John rent a Vespa and embark on an Italian Dream podcast. They discuss the career of White Lotus Showrunner Mike White and bring in more Greek mythology before recapping the misadventures of each set of guests. Is Albie really a nice guy? Does Ethan understand boundaries? And who is Greg on the phone with? Finally, David and John check in with the deadpool and answer listener feedback.

The Rings of Power - S01E02 – Adrift

The depth of Tolkien’s colorful world continues to glow on the screen. We hear fully developed languages, get hints at the evil lurking in the shadows, and see the shining glory of Khazad-dum pre-Balrog rampage. The Bezos Bucks are paying off as sets, costumes, and effects dazzle. It seemed that HOTD and TROP would inevitably go head to head, and so far each is holding their ground.

House of the Dragon - S01E02 – The Rogue Prince

With viewership growing a bit since the pilot, HBO pulled the trigger and renewed HOTD for a second season! And it’s no surprise because The Rogue Prince gave us an exciting look at a new antagonist, growing tension in the royal family, and a foreshadowing of what is to come. Watch and admire this great television with us in the second installment of HOTD aka “There Are So Many Ways Viserys Could Have Handled This Better”.

Watching Westworld - S04E02 – Well Enough Alone – Feedback

Are you spotting smoke and decrypting parallels from previous seasons? Maybe you should work for the FBI. Let’s ponder the question “what makes a person”? What is the show trying to say about the meaning of being sentient and alive? And how many times are we going to go back and forth between deciding if this is real or a simulation? Grab a Methuselah sized bottle of wine and enjoy the wild theories in this episode.