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Blue Yonder - Truffle Shuffle – Episode 69

This is a terrible cast.  I honestly wouldn’t listen to it, if I were you.  I mean, I gotta keep it real, right?  I can’t say how awesome our casts are and it mean anything and then drop a turd and talk it up, yeah?  Yeah.

Thing is, I’m not sure why it flopped on it’s face.  We had some good bullshit up front; pimping the Brew Ha Ha, advances in metallurgy, saying a happy birthday to Alan Turing, and talking about Terry Prachett’s dignity in making end of life decisions.  A.Ron plugs one of his favorite twitter feeds, @humblebrag.

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Blue Yonder - Teledildonics – Episode 67

Teledildonics.  It’s a real word!  Honest.  Look it up! Titles aside, we got vintage May 19th, 2011 juice for you this week, as summer schedules did not permit us to cast in the present time.  Why are honeybees dying?  What unintended consequences are involved with French kissing over IP?  A.Ron goes ego tripping!  Wait, I guess that’s pretty much every week.

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Blue Yonder - Bitch Slapping Mrs. Doubtfire – Episode 66

It’s rough going when you’re sitting across the casting table from the Unabomber.  But I persevere.  For the people.  For my people.  For you, people.  We open the show with some straight up BULLSHIT this week!  The apparently not-so-great state of Tennessee is banning the sharing of account credentials for services such as Netflix.  Jim survives an experience with Bitch Slap!, and A.Ron mourns the missed potential of Priest with a wheelbarrow laden review/recap.

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Blue Yonder - Chaotic Camel Catastrophe – Episode 64

You got to ask yourself.  What are you going to do?  What the hell are you going to do when you’re staring down a pack of water crazed camels hell bent on sucking the vital fluids from your air conditioner, your toilet, your water pipes?  When they come as an unstoppable lumpy force to destroy your very means of modern life?  One hump or two, motherfucker?  One hump or TWO!?

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Blue Yonder - To Roger With Love – Episode 63

The fans have been clammoring (clammoring!) for Jim and A.Ron to sing a duet of the inimitable Garth Brook’s “Low Places” for over a year now.  Actually, that’s a lie.  But!  You can still hear it if you stick around after the outro in this week’s episode!  Leading up to the big finish, we give a bit of PSN update, I talk gearhead bullshit for a minute, we talk about the local board gaming scene, the mighty THOR not sucking nearly as much as we presupposed, and whether Chris Hemsworth could earn a spot in the badass pantheon.

Bald Move Pulp - Fast Five (2011)

It had to be done, folks.  Just too high a concentration of badassery, bullshit, and balls to ignore.  Jim and A.Ron post up in a local BW to break down the latest installment of insanity that is the Fast & the Furious franchise.  Spoiler alert!  Cars are driven fast, women’s bodies are oggled, nitrous oxide is injected, cocoa butter is applied to arms, chin stubble is sported, and one liners spouted.  The audio quality is a little off since we recorded this on my blackberry sitting on a table during game four of the Bulls/ATL playoff series, but it’s easy to understand.

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Blue Yonder - Open the Kimono – Episode 62

In this week’s offering we sit down for a little skull session to put eyeballs on, gain best of breed synergy with a deep dive on spoilers, A.Ron makes an elevator pitch for his new movie, Mancano, we get down in the weeds with Sony’s ongoing PSN disincentive strategy, kick the tires on the Chemical Free Chemistry Kit, and finally engage in a knowledge transfer with Stafa on the topic of heroic collateral damage.

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Blue Yonder - Mel Gibson and the Magic Marker Kilt – Episode 61

The boys navigate dangerous waters as the PSN outage has been upgraded from a tropical shit storm to a full fledged fecal hurricane.  It must be discussed!  Jim and A.Ron break it down from a personal, gamer, and professional level.  Also, watching a serial killer on a weekly basis has Jim pondering “what makes great TV?”  A.Ron urges his fellow geek to live by a few simple economic rules, we celebrate Skynet’s birth day, and close out the cast with a review of Poral 2 from our forum’s own Darth Paxis and some Batmania from Stafa’s corner.