Blue Yonder – Bitch Slapping Mrs. Doubtfire – Episode 66

It’s rough going when you’re sitting across the casting table from the Unabomber.  But I persevere.  For the people.  For my people.  For you, people.  We open the show with some straight up BULLSHIT this week!  The apparently not-so-great state of Tennessee is banning the sharing of account credentials for services such as Netflix.  Jim survives an experience with Bitch Slap!, and A.Ron mourns the missed potential of Priest with a wheelbarrow laden review/recap.

The guys get philosophical with the meat portion of the program, with Jim discussing the nature of time and the prospects of traveling through the aforementioned time, and A.Ron pondering the pros and cons of internet vigilantism.   Finally, we serve up some fan-service with some topical Star Wars vs Star Trek debate and a very feminine reading of the latest dispatch from the Don.

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