Blue Yonder – The Seven Deadly Degrees of Bacon – Episode 68

The guys release ultra-devastating power on the unsuspecting listeners this week.  First, A.Ron is incredulous with Jim’s shunning of the fantastic game, Angry Birds (now free on Chrome!), talks about how awesome Infamous 2 is, and declares that  X-Men: First Class blows the lid off the Bacon game for a whole new generation.

And that’s just the bullshit!  For this week’s meat, A.Ron goes BMT with a discussion of how to succeed in IT without even trying, or how to extort your former employers for fun and profit.  Jim asks if there is a rise in geek anti-intellectualism?  I don’t know about all that, but I sure do get tired of hearing Jim throwing around his fancy goddamn $20 words.  We close with some listener feedback, and what could be the most baffling Stafa’s corner yet.

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