Blue Yonder – Chaotic Camel Catastrophe – Episode 64

You got to ask yourself.  What are you going to do?  What the hell are you going to do when you’re staring down a pack of water crazed camels hell bent on sucking the vital fluids from your air conditioner, your toilet, your water pipes?  When they come as an unstoppable lumpy force to destroy your very means of modern life?  One hump or two, motherfucker?  One hump or TWO!?

Other than the impending camelocalypse, we give an update on the Playstation Network, discuss a badass’s quest for bad asses, how your dad’s hipsterism won a spot in your mom’s pants, whether Groupon is destroying small businesses, and simulating the HUMAN BRAIN!  All this and more, on an ALL NEW Blue Yonder.

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Arnold’s harem…