Blue Yonder – To Roger With Love – Episode 63

The fans have been clammoring (clammoring!) for Jim and A.Ron to sing a duet of the inimitable Garth Brook’s “Low Places” for over a year now.  Actually, that’s a lie.  But!  You can still hear it if you stick around after the outro in this week’s episode!  Leading up to the big finish, we give a bit of PSN update, I talk gearhead bullshit for a minute, we talk about the local board gaming scene, the mighty THOR not sucking nearly as much as we presupposed, and whether Chris Hemsworth could earn a spot in the badass pantheon.

And that’s just the filler!  The meat is a discussion of Google’s robot cars and what Roger Ebert’s feeding tube tells us about the possibilities of trans/post-humanism.

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