Blue Yonder – Truffle Shuffle – Episode 69

This is a terrible cast.  I honestly wouldn’t listen to it, if I were you.  I mean, I gotta keep it real, right?  I can’t say how awesome our casts are and it mean anything and then drop a turd and talk it up, yeah?  Yeah.

Thing is, I’m not sure why it flopped on it’s face.  We had some good bullshit up front; pimping the Brew Ha Ha, advances in metallurgy, saying a happy birthday to Alan Turing, and talking about Terry Prachett’s dignity in making end of life decisions.  A.Ron plugs one of his favorite twitter feeds, @humblebrag.

For our meat, Jim discusses whether or not Super 8 brought back fond memories of Spielberg’s innocent sci-fi movies of the 80s, and A.Ron ponders what the recent tidal wave of hacking means for security and privacy in the future.  I dunno, seems like a decent cast.  But it totally wasn’t.

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