The Batman (2022)

The Batman is the darkest take on a Batman movie yet. It’s also a familiar Batman story, with some minor updates and a few twists. It has an excellent cast, (yes, Robert Pattinson is a good Batman) a memorable score, and it looks fantastic. Does all this add up to a great Batman movie? Check out the podcast to find out. If you’re a Club Bald Move member stick around for the full spoilers after the trailer talk.


Batman Returns (1992) – LIVEWATCH

Merry Culkin Keatmas begins its third act with the mostly beloved Tim Burton Christmas classic (not that one…), Batman Returns. Does a 1992 Batman movie starring Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny Devito, Christopher Walken and Paul Reubens hold up in 2017? There’s only one way to find out and it’s nearly going to kill one of us.

Bald Move Pulp - Justice League (2017)

Cecily and A.Ron discuss the latest DC comic book movie attempt, and one with a lot of hopes riding on it, Justice League. It’s a real who’s who of comic book movies, does it manage to build on the momentum of the very good Wonder Woman, or is this another Superman vs Batman level disappointment?  Well, we’d have to say it falls right in between those two extremes.  It’s not great, but it’s also not terrible, and does just enough to hopefully give DC some room to breathe and establish these other presumably great characters in their own films and organically setup their universe for the next time the League has to assemble. 

Batman Begins (2005)

Special thanks to Ethan and Allison for commissioning Batman Begins, the first in the Nolanverse Batman trilogy (you can see our podcast on Batman: The Dark Knight here).  This is a fantastic comic book movie that also happens to be a fantastic film in it’s own right.  We love the fusion of gritty realism with the strong emotional core and exploration of Bruce Wayne and his struggle to walk the narrow path between justice and vengeance.  Excellent casting, excellent performances, and while the third act perhaps leaves something to be desired in light of a decade of super hero movies continually trying to outdo themselves in terms of spectacle, the movie holds up like a champ and is an undeniable part of what makes the sequel work so superbly.  

The Dark Knight (2008)

Special thanks to a bunch of Aron’s gaming buddies, namely Hobbsam, CLUSTER_F, SheIsGeeky, TONYDETH, Jormagund, and Meatplow77 for coming together to commission perhaps the greatest superhero movie of all time, Batman: The Dark Knight. Featuring a Heath Ledger performance that won him a posthumous Oscar, this film has a unique blend of superb writing and direction, dazzling action, well grounded performance, and just enough heart to make it a modern classic. Jim and A.Ron talk about the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy in general, and the Batman himself before lavishing praise upon the film, and of course, poking around for the few problems the film has.

Bald Move Pulp - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

We review Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We didn’t like it. If you did, I’m really happy for you, but I’d recommend skipping the podcast because we’re going to sound like Lex Luthor explaining Greek history, which is to say utterly deranged and insane. Enjoy our spoiler-free review and very brief discussion of the trailers we saw before tonight’s main event, but if you want the whole spoiler-filled take down of DC’s risible attempt to launch a multi-movie franchise, you’ll need to join the Club.

113 – “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”

Jim is back. Bruce is back. It’s a back attack. This week’s episode was a departure from the sweeping epic of the Electrocutioner, but the subtleties led to an interesting development for one Det. Gordon. Also, what is it like to kiss Harvey Bullock. It’s all here. Let’s blotter! Got (ham) something to say? Send…

112 – “What the Little Bird Told Him”

Gotham is owning it right now, and this episode gave us pretty much everything we wanted from the show. New supervillain? Check. Mafia warfare? Check. Cop Banter? Check. Zsasz? CHECK!!! What a great return to form that gets Eric and Levi super stoked for the rest of the season. Let’s do this! Got (ham) something…

110 – “LoveCraft”

What an episode! Episode 10 of Gotham seemed to neatly braid together the frayed edges of the Gotham universe, made a badass out of Falcone and Alfred, and left Gordon in an interesting place. Needless to say, an episode this good needed a full roster of podcasters to gab about it, so Eric and Levi…

109 – “Harvey Dent”

Eric and Levi had wildly different opinions about this episode. On one hand, it was a big-time character development episode that moved the plot forward. On the other hand, it was a little sleepy. But in the end, this episode served as a great set-up for the Fall finale. Let’s go! Got (ham) something to…