American Horror Story Podcast - 603 – Chapter 3

A.Ron and Cecily are a bit divided on their opinion on “Chapter 3” of FX’s American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare, with A.Ron really digging Cricket’s psychic connection with the former inhabitants of the lost colony of Roanoke, and Cecily impatient to get to the true fire Murphy is promising for later in the season. Also, lots of pigs, and it turns out? Shelby is the WORST. All this and a bunch of feedback from you fellow fans coming right up!

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - 603 – Oathbreaker – SpoiLore Edition

Jim and A.Ron consider some book-based speculation and theories from the latest episode of Game of Thrones! If you’re a show-only watcher who doesn’t want any spoilers, it’s best to just skip this one. Need to catch up? Here’s a Tinfoil SpoiLore archive of previous podcasts by topic. Each link has a time code listed so you can jump right to the tinfoil topic of the week for your convenience and listening pleasure…

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - 603 – Oathbreaker

A.Ron and Jim consider the latest episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “Oathbreaker”. Twirling swords, absent Ice, dragon psychology, Jon’s resignation, and time travel, yes, time travel, are all discussed at length. All this plus a ton of feedback from our insightful and witty fellow fans, and you got yourself quite the episode. But we’re not done! Come back Friday for our in depth SpoiLORE podcast, where we peer into the books and sort through the various fan theories and speculation in search of the true valyrian tin foil.

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - 603 – Oathbreaker – Instant Take

Jim and A.Ron give their instant, off the cuff impressions and thoughts on tonight’s Game of Thrones episode, “Oathbreaker”. But this is only the start. We’ll be back Tuesday with our full featured podcast with a scene by scene breakdown and analysis, plus our SpoiLORE podcast for book readers and adventurous show watchers, out Friday. Have some thoughts? Use the links below to tell us. See you then!

Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 603 – Thank You

So, if you’re not in the mood for a hate-cast on the fiasco of an episode that is The Walking Dead #603, “Thank You”, it might be wise to bail now, and we’ll see you next week. If you’re angry and confused and looking to tear into the guts of “Thank You” like a herd of hungry zombies — well friend, you’ve come to the right place. Jim and A.Ron rail against the frankly inexcusable and inexplicable jerking around The Walking Dead production team has been inflicting upon it’s audience for the last 48 hours. To say nothing of the strangely detached sense of geography and space, the tedious battle between the pragmatic veterans of Rick’s team and the naive idiots of Alexandria, the lazily crafted action sequences, the massive location oversights, the casual throwing away of of potentially interesting character arcs and developments just for shock value that they’ve been steadily undermining since the moment the episode finished airing. It’s infuriating. Hopefully, next week will be better, because, hey, Lennie James. See you then!