203 – Chapter Three: The Pollywog

Well, that was just about the most horrifying thing we’ve ever seen.  And I’ll tell you something else, we trust that D’artagnan about as much as we trust Bob’s advice for dealing with critters from the upside down.  Our first day of binge watching Stranger Things season 2 draws to a close!  We’ll be back tomorrow for more!

103 – Chapter 3

Jim, Jason and A.Ron break down another mind altering episode of FX’s Legion. In “Chapter 3”, we delve more into David’s past and childhood, explore the astral plane to check in on his sister, and get more hints and clues as to the nature and powers of the yellow-eyed demon that haunts David’s dreams.

603 – Chapter 3

A.Ron and Cecily are a bit divided on their opinion on “Chapter 3” of FX’s American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare, with A.Ron really digging Cricket’s psychic connection with the former inhabitants of the lost colony of Roanoke, and Cecily impatient to get to the true fire Murphy is promising for later in the season. Also, lots of pigs, and it turns out? Shelby is the WORST. All this and a bunch of feedback from you fellow fans coming right up!