Better Cast Saul - 306 – Off Brand

Jim and A.Ron found a lot to like in the latest Better Call Saul, “Off Brand”. The sense of something new, new characters, new directions, old scotch paired with new beginnings. Just a whiff of that “new car smell” coming off the show this week. Plus, we can’t overstate how much fun it is to see Jimmy/Saul in his new role as crappy local TV commercial director guy.

House of Cards - 306 – “Chapter Thirty Two”

In this episode of House of Cards, episode 306, “Chapter Thirty Two”, international pressures mount as domestic issues simmer. We discuss how the Kremlin > The White House, how gay rights in Russia can inform our knowledge of the Underwood’s marriage, shocking developments involving Claire’s scarf, and Gavin setting the hook on his social engineering hack. All this, and a ton of feedback, coming your way!

Bald Move Pulp - The Wire – Omar Comin’ – Commissioned Podcast

Hey there, A.Ron here with a very special commissioned podcast with a unique history and focus.  First, thanks to Andrew Stannard for using Subbable to make this all possible, and for working with us patiently on the format of the podcast.

Andrew wanted us to talk about The Wire.  The problem is, I’ve got massive plans for a Ultimate Badass Criterion Sapphire The Wire Podcast, and I didn’t want to take his money to release an inferior version.  So, we compromised.  We’d record a podcast about his favorite character, Omar Little, and we’d highlight two episodes that showcase a particular facet of the character, all without doing any major spoilers. I selected episode 206, “All Prologue”, and 306, “Homecoming”, to show off Omar at his best, and Omar at one of his lowest points.  Along the way Jim and I gush about The Wire, why we love it, why it can be hard at times to love, why Omar is such an important character for The Wire in general and pop culture at large, and talk about our favorite moments from these two episodes.  I also divulge some details about my upcoming The Wire podcast series, and why it’s taking so damn long.