Bald Move TV – The Deuce – 204 – What Big Ideas

A.Ron and Jim are down to talk about the latest episode of HBO’s The Deuce, “What Big Ideas”. The Deuce drops another couple of bodies, which draws the increasing attention of the Public Morals Task Force. Unfortunately, that attention is incompetent, corrupt, or often both. Bobby and Vincent have trouble dealing with their involvement in the flesh trade, even as Abby and Dorothy beat the streets trying to organize and help their fellow women, often to little result. Also, C.C. innovates, Larry is packing, and Frankie’s misadventures running the dry cleaning entertain. 


Empire Business – Advertising

In light of our recent visit to Podcast Movement as well as some stats measurement changes, we feel it’s time to revisit the topic of advertising in this week’s Empire Business. We cover everything from an update on our success / failures with advertising, the overall podcast advertising metrics, and even our opinions on the way podcast advertising is handled.

Bald Move TV – Ozark – Season 2 Wrapup

For the first time since The Young Pope, Jim and Cecily come together to record a podcast, this time on season 2 of Netflix’s Ozark.  We talk about the many things we liked and the few things we didn’t.  We also christen the deadliest road in all of the Ozarks, squeeze a baby for all of its juice, and find out just how much Cecily knows about poison.

American Horror Story Podcast – 803 – Forbidden Fruit

Cecily and A.Ron had a lot of wild, messy, at times really gross fun with the latest installment of FX’s American Horror Story, “Forbidden Fruit”! A spine tingling scene of demonic possession! More Cathy Bots! Billy Eichner kicking post apocalyptic ass! VVITCHES!!! Enjoy our fresh, off the cuff thoughts and predictions, and don’t forget to send us some email for Feedback Friday! 

Better Cast Saul – 408 – Coushatta

We found ourselves in the minority of fans after watching AMC’s Better Call Saul’s latest episode, “Coushatta”. While not a bad episode per se, Jim and I were both let down by the actual scheme to befuddle the DA for Huell’s case, and taken off guard by the sudden shift in what we perceived as Kim’s character. On the other hand, caching up with Nacho was a rewarding experience, and we’re truly excited by the possibilities Lalo entering the picture presents. We discuss all this and more plus tons of great listener feedback with smart dissents in the landmark case of Bald Move vs. Kim Wexler.