Foundation - S1E05 – Upon Awakening

The Empire might be absent from this episode but that didn’t keep us from appreciating what Foundation is doing in S01E05 “Upon Awakening”. Join us for the podcast to hear us discuss interests ranging from galactic calendar systems to the process of being deprogrammed after life-long indoctrination in a cult.

Foundation - S01E01 & E02 – The Emperor’s Peace & Preparing to Live

Apple released the first two episodes of their sci-fi epic “Foundation” this week and “epic” is exactly what they were. There are so many visual and narrative intricacies to dig into in these two hours of TV. That’s probably why it took us as much time as Apple spent making the episodes, to properly cover them. Join us next week for a regular-sized episode.

Foundation - Series Preview

We’re about a week out from the premiere of the Apple TV+ epic sci-fi series, Foundation, which means it’s time to talk about the trailers we’ve seen, our history with the source material, expectations for the series adaptation, and the format of our weekly coverage, among other things. Join us for the preview today and come back for our coverage of the first three episodes this Monday.