Watching Dead - 903 – Warning Signs

Right now there’s a writer sitting somewhere in Georgia, maybe Hollywood, or more likely hell, thinking about what a great metaphor this episode’s tomato was. It’s probably the same writer who was self-impressed when they decided that Gabriel was an ‘A’. Both of those writers suck.

We couldn’t figure out what either meant or why we should care about any of it, which makes this episode a B+ by The Walking Dead standards.

S09E06 – Episode 100

Cecily and A.Ron dissect the latest episode of FX’s American Horror Story: 1984, “Episode 100”.  The most shocking thing that happened was that we set our expectations too high.  There are cameos, flashbacks, rock music, and lots of blood in this episode though!  Have you gotten your tickets to the Camp Redwood Food & Music Fest yet?!

S09E05 – Red Dawn

Cecily and A.Ron see the dawn for the first time inthe latest episode of FX’s American Horror Story: 1984, “Red Dawn”. They ponder the rules of being a ghost, the consequences of sex, the importance of rad hair and a cheery disposition, and of course, a fun new traveling road show.