Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - Season 11B Wrapup

In this world of zombies, turns out nearly everyone is safe. With multiple spinoff series announced, there’s no need to fear for the lives of the main characters anymore. Unless…the spinoff series are a ploy and everyone dies?! Pick your side of the conspiracy. Join us as we wrap up what can best be described as not the worst season, but definitely not the best season of The Walking Dead. 

Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 1116 – Acts of God

Have you seen The Bourne Trilogy, All the President’s Men, and Prince of Egypt? If yes, you’ll see where the writers of The Walking Dead took inspiration from this season. The title of this episode is “Acts of God”, so aside from the cameo from Brood X, we’d like to know where these other acts are. Don’t miss the zombies biting at the gaps in the armor of Seal Team Sux with the same ferocity of your uncle eating a chicken wing at the family picnic. 

The Walking Dead - 1112 – The Lucky Ones

Eugene has been deeply wronged, but somehow ends up apologizing for it and what’s more, it actually works for this overall decent episode of TWD. Maggie gets some one-on-one time to argue politics with Pamela Milton and again, it pretty much works. Of course this is The Walking Dead so there are always things that don’t work so join us on the podcast for our full thoughts.

Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 1111 – Rogue Element

The Walking Dead has entered its final stage. The stage where they’ve said “screw it” and now all bets are off. Should they make an episode starring Eugene in a neo-noire storyline that involves a mystery the audience already knows the answer to and give him a 3.5 minute tantrum monologue at the end of it? Yes they should. Maybe they should also ham-handedly slam some heavy socio-political commentary in there as well? Yes they should. And maybe you want to hear us talk about it? Check out the podcast now to see what we thought.

The Walking Dead - 1110 – New Haunts

It’s a very special Halloween in February episode as we’re treated to the show’s 2nd Festival, Halloween in the Commonwealth. What spooky movies will they be playing in the cinema? How many people will they lose to last-minute projector bulb runs? What’s the most inconsiderate fright that a sheltered population could fill their haunted house with? Find out with us on this week’s podcast!