Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 1107 – Promises Broken

Another pretty good episode from The Walking Dead. Maybe not every aspect, but they brought around the Maggie / Negan relationship well enough that we’re able to look past its rocky start. Maybe the hardest pill to swallow this episode is the delay tactics happening in the commonwealth. There’s a lot of people needing things to happen, asking for those things, and nearly getting those things only for the show to rip them away at the last moment. We know, deep down at your core you’ve always been a show about cheap thrills, but you can do better, The Walking Dead.

Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 1105 – Out of the Ashes

I’d love to talk about Carol’s impassioned plea to bring Aaron back from the brink, or how Eugene is the only sane one in the truly insane group of survivors who want to set up a new life in The Commonwealth, thereby completely abandoning the people they came to find help for, or how Negan is absolutely right and Maggie is a maniac on a suicide mission… but I can’t. I’m so distracted by the new group of sh*tty pre-teens bullying Judith that I’m literally seeing red. WHERE’S MY BAT?!