Watching Dead - 1003 – Ghosts

The Walking Dead honors its horror roots this week with an episode that features Carol being haunted by the ghosts of her past while fighting fatigue with pharmaceuticals. There are plenty of other fights to be had as well, with the walkers closing in on Alexandria, Sidiq losing his nerve, and Eugene finally realizing that he and Rosita aren’t going to be a “thing”.

Watching Dead - 1002 – We Are the End of the World

The first TV show I ever sat down to watch was Sesame Street. Every day since then I’ve wanted to know what would drive a person to peel and wear the skin of another being. Well, it only took television 35 years to catch up with the depravity of four-year-old Jim and “We Are the End of the World” has given me the answer. Join us as we discuss this Whisperer-focused episode of The Walking Dead.

Watching Dead - 1001 – Lines We Cross – Feedback

Thanks for joining us for the very first Stereo feedback episode. We’re trying something new with this to get audience participation for an interactive feedback show each week. Download the app at and join us each week for the live show, or you can send your feedback emails to and we’ll consider it after the first 8 episodes.

Watching Dead - 1001 – Lines We Cross

Oh boy, The Walking Dead is coming out of the season 10 gates with an incredibly big and stupid episode… and it’s glorious! Come listen to us talk for an hour about zombies from space, unbelievably poor phalanx technique, Aaron’s skin puppet, and just what Eugene thinks he’s going to get out of a satellite that he couldn’t get from his local hobby shop.

1006 – My Struggle II

Our struggle was getting through the latest episode of the X-Files “My Struggle II” with our sanity intact. We consider it a historically bad episode of television, and a real disservice to long time X-Philes. The greatest and most reliable piece of the X-Files machinery was always the chemistry of Mulder and Scully as partners in co-investigators, and the bad parts were its confusing and poorly thought out mythology that never ended with cliffhanger after cliffhanger. It stands to reason then, that this “season’s” finale kept Mulder and Scully apart the entire time and ended with a massive cliffhanger after a brutally confusing and pointless plot. Boo, just boooooooo.

1005 – Babylon

That certainly was an episode of the X-Files, directed and written by Chris Carter, and entitled “Babylon”. Yes, it certainly was. It also had a lot of unlikely cowboy hats, Mulder sporting giant “MUSH” and “ROOM” blinged out hardware. But unfortunately there was a lot of other stuff, which we weren’t giant fans of. Abandon all hope, ye who liked this episode and decide to listen anyway.