Black Oil and Bee Stings - 1001 – My Struggle

X-Files is back, with episode 1001, “My Struggle”. It was the best of X-Files (cool space ships! Mulder and Scully! Cancer Man!), it was the worst of X-Files (retcons galore, crazy conspiracy word salad monologues, our heroes flip flopping on their skepticism / gullibility). The key was, we were kind of braced for that, so by and large we enjoyed the introduction to the relaunch / reboot for what it was, and are eager to see what they get up to now that the heavy lifting is out of the way. What did you think? We got a wide range of opinions via email and the forums, but we’d love to hear from you using the contact methods below. We’ll be back for the second episode tomorrow, see you then!

Black Oil and Bee Stings - The X-Files Miniseries (2016) Preview

Greetings X-Philes! Jim and A.Ron begin their coverage of the six episode mini-series version of the X-Files with a bit of a preview podcast, to get the feeds primed and pumping for this weekend’s premiere. We discuss our history with the X-Files, favorite episodes, and hopes and fears for the weeks ahead. Our coverage of the first episode airing on Fox the evening of Sunday, January 24th, will be out Tuesday, January 26th! See you then.

Bald Move Pulp - V: The Original Miniseries (1983)

Special thanks to Bobby Z for commissioning this 1983 classic piece of original televised cinematic history; V: The Miniseries. A.Ron had fond memories of this series from his childhood, while Jim experienced it for the first time. We discuss 80’s fashion, television tropes, heavy handed allegory, the plausibility of this as a first contact scenario, and the abject horror of prominent matte lines. Oh, and some pets get eaten and people get their faces torn off. That’s pretty scary too, I guess.