Ted Lasso S2, Foundation, Schmigadoon, The Pacific, Zola, Shadow and Bone – Off the Clock

This week we talk about the first 2 episodes of Ted Lasso’s latest season, the first Foundation novel and a bit about our hopes / expectations for the Apple TV+ series, Schmigadoon!, The Pacific, Zola, and Shadow and Bone. Plus, we answer questions from our Patreon “Executive Producers” about our plans for future coverage and whether we think great long-form stories on TV are killing shorter-form stories in movies.

Game of Thrones 2: Electric Bookaloo - “House of the Dragon” and other Game of Thrones News

It has been another few months since A.Ron and I last dipped our toe into the HBO news stream and Anthony is between seasons of Electric Bookaloo. Seems like the perfect time to check in on the updates to casting, production and release dates for House of the Dragon and the whole slew of other Game of Thrones spin-offs that HBO has in the works.

Godzilla vs Kong (2021)

First run movies are back with the next installment of the titans series which desperately wants to be Pacific Rim. Does it live up to the pedigree it inspired? Well, the monster fights are good, but we really need to talk about the rest of it. Join us for the spoiler-free podcast if you’re not a club member or Patreon supporter or enjoy the full podcast with our complete thoughts if you are.