House of the Dragon - S01E02 – The Rogue Prince

With viewership growing a bit since the pilot, HBO pulled the trigger and renewed HOTD for a second season! And it’s no surprise because The Rogue Prince gave us an exciting look at a new antagonist, growing tension in the royal family, and a foreshadowing of what is to come. Watch and admire this great television with us in the second installment of HOTD aka “There Are So Many Ways Viserys Could Have Handled This Better”.

House of the Dragon - S01E01 – The Heirs of the Dragon – Feedback

Princess A.Ron and Lady of the Court Jim are awarding worthy feedback with their favor. Wondering what happens to towns when flying dragons relieve themselves over their roofs? And listen in on the very first Maester’s Corner, a new segment premiering in this episode! Join us to laugh, question, and speculate on the newly born, or ripped out, House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon - Season 1 Preview

One of the most talked about shows is premiering soon! Join in as A.Ron gives us and Jim a rundown of his impressions of the pilot of House of the Dragon. OG Game of Thrones fans will find out where in the Westeros lore this show will begin and what is considered canon in the context of HOTD. Need more? Check out this episode of Electric Bookaloo with A.Ron and Anthony discussing the HOTD pilot. Need even more!? This Sunday night, A.Ron’s podcast with Kim Renfro will be hitting your feeds!