Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

Sean Ray is back with the second half of his two part Insidious series, this time for Insidious: Chapter 2. Once again James Wan helms another scary story starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, with a bigger budget, a clever plot that builds on everything from the first installment, to deliver arguably a more frightening experience with even more emotional heart.

102 – Chapter 2

Jason, A.Ron and Jim get a bit of an Empire Strikes Back vibe from the second episode of FX’s Legion, which tones down a bit of the psychedelic trippiness in favor of world and character building. Join us for a stroll through David’s museum of memories as we talk about the highlights and further mysteries of shadowy government agencies and the mutants who rebel against them.

602 – Chapter 2

Cecily and A.Ron discuss “Chapter 2” of American Horror Story’s sixth season, including some crazy mom moments, spooky kid talking ghosts, the best kind of found footage (involving Russell Edgington, of course), and debate whether wicker pigs are a terrifying means of home grown terrorism, or just a way to be neighborly. I mean, who says no to pork?