HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - 602 – Home – SpoiLore Edition

Jim and A.Ron consider some book-based speculation and theories from the latest episode of Game of Thrones! If you’re a show-only watcher who doesn’t want any spoilers, it’s best to just skip this one. Need to catch up? Here’s a Tinfoil SpoiLore archive of previous podcasts by topic. Each link has a time code listed so you can jump right to the tinfoil topic of the week for your convenience and listening pleasure!

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - 602 – Home

Episode 602 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “Home”, is just a stellar hour of television. For once, it seems like everyone is on (or off?) the same page, with delights for show watchers and book readers of every stripe. Tyrion’s risky gamble, the Bolton empire rapidly crumbling, giants of all shapes and sizes smashing all the heads, there is a lot to take in and discuss and we try our level best to talk about it all, with the help of a Wun Wun sized mail bag. Don’t forget, we’re just half way through our Game of Thrones week here at Bald Move, with our SpoiLORE podcast coming out Friday, so if you have a bookish and speculative take by all means let us have it. And then, Sunday will be upon us once again. Can’t wait!

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - 602 – Home – Instant Take

Jim and A.Ron struggle to process the events that transpire in the wide ranging and absolutely packed episode 602, “Home”. Jaw dropping, shocking, and inspirational, there is just so much to unpack that it’s almost unfair that we have to give our instant reactions, but that’s what we’re here for! And we’ll be back Tuesday, with another few watches under our belt, and we’re sure that everyone out there has lots to say. I can’t even imagine what the SpoiLORE edition is going to be like, ye gods, but it’s going to be a fun week. A really, really long week, because if you’re anything like us, you’d give about a month’s pay to be able to watch episode 603 right now.

Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 602 – “JSS”

Jim and A.Ron must confess that they continue to be impressed with the storytelling and action on The Walking Dead. This week we’re taking on episode 602, “JSS”… We discuss Carol’s upcoming cooking show, Enid’s torturous path towards her personal survival motto, Morgan’s incessant Morgalizing, Carl’s complicated feelings, and Jessie’s surprising emergence as a survivor. All this, ton’s of your feedback, and few fun surprises along the way.

Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 602 – JSS – Instant Take

Jim and A.Ron are continuing to groove on The Walking Dead’s sixth season, with the newest episode “JSS”. Some minor quibbles with the rampant Morgalizing going on, we thoroughly enjoyed Bat-Carol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Morgan, Jesse completely destroying A.Ron’s “not a survivor” theory, and the general chaos and pandemonium this episode brought. We’ll be back with full coverage Tuesday, but until then use the links below to tell us what you’re thinking!