Bald Move Studio Tour!

Hey, A.Ron here.  I took a bit of time at the end of one of our days to do a quick and dirty video showing off the Bald Move Studio.  We’re about to make major changes and upgrades to the various video and audio systems we use to produce our videos and podcasts, so it seemed like a good idea to go around and document the third major version of our studio.  If you’re interested in behind the scenes details, this is the video for you!

Bald Move

Bald Move News!

Hey all, this is a short podcast to make sure we get some important news out in front of our supporters.  The main points are as follows: All ad-free podcasts are going to be secured with the same username and password you use for Club Bald Move.  If your podcaster supports authentication, you’ll simply be…

Following The Leftovers - 105 – Gladys

Jim and A.Ron discuss another difficult episode of HBO’s The Leftovers, “Gladys”.  Who did the deed?  Why did Laurie have such a freak out? Are Kevin’s shirts real?  Plus, finally some concrete answers regarding dog shooters, deer kitchen rampages, and more!   If you want to give us a shout out, or otherwise give us…

Bald Move Pulp - Murphy’s Law

Hello again!  Thanks to uber-fan Chike for using Subbable to commission us to do a custom podcast for the first two episodes of the BBC’s Murphy’s Law, series three!  A gritty crime drama featuring James Nesbitt as Thomas Murphy, an undercover police officer involved in a series of investigations of the UK’s underworld.  If you like thick Irish accents, even thicker handlebar mustaches, and witticisms like, “you’d eat the balls of a skunk” and “a bird in hand leaves shite on the palm”, you’ll love Murphy’s Law.  What did Jim and A.Ron think?  Find out!