Bald Move Studio Tour!

Hey, A.Ron here.  I took a bit of time at the end of one of our days to do a quick and dirty video showing off the Bald Move Studio.  We’re about to make major changes and upgrades to the various video and audio systems we use to produce our videos and podcasts, so it seemed like a good idea to go around and document the third major version of our studio.  If you’re interested in behind the scenes details, this is the video for you!


LWJ&A – Episode 1: “The Sweet Science of Podcasting!”

Jim and A.Ron have lunch for the very first time. A.Ron is drinking Brewery Ommegang Game Of Thrones: Valar Morghulis Belgian Dubbel; they swing wildly between metaphors and promise to figure things out eventually; Jim wanted to start an audible Tumblr; A.Ron wanted to keep in touch; Jim’s first network, Gong Radio, to the creation of Blue Yonder, to Bald Move; the importance of good chemistry; finding your niche; the overcrowding of Game of Thrones podcasts; the importance of good equipment; evolution in the editing process; nice guy Adam Corolla and his patenting troll dilemma; Roger Goddell and the NFL vs. Bill Simmons; why Alan Sepinwall, Giant Bomb, and Penny Arcade inspire Jim and A.Ron; A.Ron is optimistic about The Walking Dead because it’s had a showrunner for 3 consecutive seasons; and finally, they discuss the format and future plans.