Bald Move Prestige - Aliens (1986)

Multiple-commissioner Josh from Saxapahaw, NC is back with another goodie, James Cameron’s take on the Aliens franchise. One of the all time great sci-fi action movies, it supplies nearly non stop action with a sturdy heroine to build around, lots of colorful characters to die, implacable, terrifying antagonists, and impressive effect and design work. Plus, we eulogize the late, great, Bill “Tons of Peace” Paxton. Thanks again, Josh, this was a lot of fun!

Falling Skies

310 – Brazil

In the final episode of season 3, I cover the use of the Espheni weapon, the status of the war, the attempted relocation to Brazil, Weaver’s Achy Breaky Heart and the return of Anne & the baby.

Falling Skies

309 – Journey to Xilbalba

Don’t worry, the fancy editing and clips haven’t gone anywhere, they’re just on break. But if I don’t get this video uploaded tonight, it won’t happen this week. The frills will be back in the last episode of season 3. Twitter: @BaldMove Email:

Falling Skies

307 – The Pickett Line

Another borderline episode in a long string of borderline episodes for Falling Skies. Watch me deliver my thoughts and then tell me which parts of the episode you did and didn’t like. Twitter: @BaldMove Email:

Falling Skies

301 & 302

Jim talks about the 2-hour premiere of season 3 of TNT’s apocalyptic alien drama Falling Skies. This is my first piece of video content so the visual and audio quality is terrible, as is the presentation. It will get better, I promise. Hopefully you’re here for the insightful television commentary anyway, not the razzle dazzle.