Breaking Good – 407 – Problem Dog

There has been a lot of confusion going around about the future of Breaking Bad, what with Aaron Paul mentioning that there is going to be two more seasons, and an Entertainment Weekly article claiming that Breaking Bad is getting “canceled” after season five.  Our advice:  be cool, baby.  Like a little Fonzie, because unless I hear Vince Gilligan is getting less than he wants or is being forced to do more than he wants, I’m not going to worry about it whether we get two more seasons of eight episodes or one more of 16.

In the recap, we discuss Raging, tipping pet peeves, love letters to the American muscle car, Christ imagery, Eyebrows of Doom, adult conversations, who gets to wear the bacon gauntlet this week, the importance of a snack spread during high level criminal meetings, loyalty, Aaron Paul’s iron lock on next year’s Emmy awards, and the value of clean living, vitamins, and Googlefu.

We have TWO METRIC TONS of feedback and listener speculation to plow through.  We did the best we could to fit it all in, and I believe we were successful.  We have a lively discussion of the Madrigal Electromotive website, and we consider the shifting listener opinion of Jim’s maybe-not-as-batshit-crazy as it seems coffee theory.  Listener Nick from Ottawa had some mind blowing predictions and speculation that we somehow missed, but he had this down as far back as episode 403 and 404!  Check out the full text of his research here.

In the spoiler section we discuss the names and spoiler summaries (the ones AMC posts as the “short description” on their website) that recently got leaked, and talk about what they might mean.  These are legit spoilers, so if you want to remain pure, stay away!!

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