Watching Westworld - S04E05 – Zhuangzi – Instant Talk

Join in on our discussion of YOUR questions and theories. Westworld is hitting its stride in a big way. It felt good to finally get some answers to our burning questions, but now that the door has been kicked down, more questions are flooding in. Charlotte Hale is cementing her place as one of the greatest villains. We’ve done the philosophical research for you in this episode of Watching Westworld with philosopher Aaron Rabinowitz.

Watching Westworld - S04E04 – Generation Loss – Feedback

How is the sublime capable of simulating the entire earth? Can a heaven become a hell? Has the simulation spread to the entire universe? Is it a tuna melt or a pastrami sandwich?? Are the host marbles symbolic wads of dung??? And Michele Boyd, who plays Temperance Armistice, writes to your favorite hosts. Tune in for answers and laughs with Jim and A.Ron in this feedback episode. 

Watching Westworld - Freewill vs Determinism with Aaron Rabinowitz

Today we’re joined by Aaron Rabinowitz, lecturing philosopher at Rutgers, as well as host of the Embrace the Void and Philosophers in Space podcast. He’s going to be talking to us today about the concepts of freewill vs determinism. Are humans on inescapable loops? Are we truly free to make our own decisions? If not, do our choices matter in any meaningful way? How do these philosophies impact social policies, economics, criminal justice, and more? And how does this connect to the themes of Westworld?

Watching Westworld - S04E02 – Well Enough Alone – Feedback

Are you spotting smoke and decrypting parallels from previous seasons? Maybe you should work for the FBI. Let’s ponder the question “what makes a person”? What is the show trying to say about the meaning of being sentient and alive? And how many times are we going to go back and forth between deciding if this is real or a simulation? Grab a Methuselah sized bottle of wine and enjoy the wild theories in this episode.