Bald Move Prestige – Holy Smoke (1999)

Many thanks to Em from the No Ship Network (purveyors of fine podcasts on Vikings, Spartacus, Penny Dreadful, and more) for commissioning this podcast, covering the 1999 psycho-sexual drama, “Holy Smoke”.  Directed by Jane Campion (“The Piano”, Top of the Lake”) and starring Kate Winslet and Harvey Kietel, it starts off as an intriguing and campy telling of a young girl being deprogrammed from a cult experience, and then… turns into something else entirely.  Lots of at times uncomfortable discussion about power imbalances in relationships, masculinity and femininity, and what we’re supposed to take away from the film, if anything.  Thanks again, Em!  It was an experience worth experiencing!  If you’re curious about the film, it is available on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes for streaming.

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