Quit Yer Pitchin’ – Episode 3

This is a podcast where Jim and I, using tools created for the purpose, randomly generate a title for a fictional TV show. We then pitch ideas to each other based on what that show would be like if it were real. We like to call it, “Quit Yer Pitchin’!”

The Because Show – Ep 120 – Long Fun Road

200!!?? We’re happy you could join us on our 200th episode! Even though this is labeled as 120. We count the shows in our Archive Feed too! This week we celebrate ourselves, as we often do. Listen to us try and answer a complex listener question. Learn for Meg Abbott’s upcoming book ‘The Fever’ (based…

The Because Show – Ep 107 – No ‘Love’ Talk!

No mention of passionate OR companionate love on this episode!! Yup. So spread the word, listeners – your favorite trio of podcasters are getting back to the basics talking mega lottery winnings, red nail polish and crazy sex dreams. You know you like it. Warning: this episode does acknowledge the craziest dream ever involving Olivia…