Bald Movies – Doctor Strange (2016)

Who can stop Marvel Studios’ continued run of Box Office Domination? Apparently not even the forces of the negaverse or whatever the hell Doctor Strange was fighting in this movie, because A.Ron and Jim (yes, even Jim!) ate it up and saw it in two packed houses this evening. Full to bursting with imaginative ideas and visuals that must be seen to be believed, and even then just barely, Doctor Strange is just relentlessly cool and fun. Benedict Cumberbatch leads a team of A-list Hollywood talent using all of their considerable powers to make you believe this world that is full of crazy baloney ideas and imagery is rock solid and every bit as realized as the real world. If you have even a passing interest in comic book movies or just want to see what the new state of the art in terms of effects work is, go see it on the biggest screen you can find.

The Amazingly Pulp Show

TAPS – Who the F*ck Are You Man!

Hello and welcome to our brand new show! In this episode Jhatt and special guest host Jazzy Jeff discuss why you don’t mess with the Jesus and if missed your chance don’t worry you get another. You’ll also hear why Neo is not the ONE; the Avengers movie might feature tampons, and why amateur bootleg…